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A national provider of connectivity solutions.

Founded in 2019 by services and infrastructure veterans, Madrone Technology Group has grown into a national provider of connectivity solutions, consulting, management and procurement services. We are at heart an infrastructure company, building connectivity and systems to run everything from the internet itself to connections and services at an end user's desk. We provide robust services, with a security-first mindset, never forgetting that our customers are people, and customer service is essential.

Who We Are

Discover, Design and Evaluate applicable business needs, technical requirements and available Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud technologies.

Right Size Workload Placement

Physical and virtual connectivity delivering redundant, highly available, and performant Software-defined networking. 

Global Connectivity and Networking

Our state-of-the-art voice services make your conversations clearer and crisper, enabling more ways to work efficiently from anywhere.

Flexible Business Voice

Fully automated Identity and Access Management driven by global single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.

Identity Lifecycle Management

Design, implementation, and monitoring services built to suit the modern mobile workforce - at home, in the office, on the road.

Enterprise Network Architects

Assisting your IT staff with remote support, management, and monitoring tools for endpoints, servers, and network appliances.

Collaborative RMM 

Meeting people where they are technologically and empowering them to grow, work and learn by integrating technology into their daily lives.

We are experts for everything between end users and the cloud - leveraging connectivity, hybrid designs, friction-free security and real people - helping real people.

Our Mission

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